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2019-06-20 00:41:04 | Profile
God, Everytime I listen to this song I get choked up a little. It makes me feel so thankful for the opportunity and security I have enjoyed. Never forget to place everything in perspective I guess

Kenneth Keys

2019-02-23 14:57:48 | Profile
And now its G.M geez

Penguin DP

2019-01-22 14:46:54 | Profile
Let me tell you I worked at a steel mill since I was 18 it closed few years back and I was lost so I went to the coal mine they where not hiring I was lost with kids to feed then my buddy got me a job on a tow boat it was a blessing

mais ssa

2019-01-09 10:07:54 | Profile
Ronnie Dunn is a really good song writer

Aubert Badilla

2019-01-09 06:02:40 | Profile
God bless America god speed to all.

Juan Deleon

2018-12-22 13:53:51 | Profile
Dang forgot this one too. Good job DJ

Alan Bevington

2018-11-27 01:16:48 | Profile
I mean what can you do?? Market is the market. If you believe anything else your a ignorant communist socialist. We are responsible for our lives folks.Stop depending on somebody else. Puro Neta

rafa moura

2018-11-25 16:49:03 | Profile
one more time ... jim lost in the 60.........


2018-11-19 07:04:29 | Profile
its sad to see the way our great country and people have turned out but have a great amount of hope that we can be great again, I love yall


2018-11-13 11:13:54 | Profile
I been there i now work job a for 2 year now