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matteo borrelli

2019-04-15 05:24:07 | Profile
One my favorite song

peruvian editor

2019-01-07 15:06:53 | Profile
Such a beautiful song, brought me to tears.

Gianluca Puopolo

2019-01-05 01:55:24 | Profile
I love this song bc I can help kids to never give up with walking

Kaylisa Porter

2019-01-02 11:49:05 | Profile
This song is amazing. I saw a little boy with a lot of problems today at the hospital go Code Blue and I left the hospital bawling. I was and still am a friend to my friend Connor McCarthy who was very disabled in high school and was picked on so much, I got into many fist fights for him. I loved that little boy and I will always stand for children and adults with disabilities of all kinds!

Rm Cap

2018-12-19 13:10:48 | Profile
i think this lady is great shame that there some nasty people out there xxxx


2018-11-29 19:24:11 | Profile
reality is a bitter pill to swallow but when it it is our turn to swallow it God truly gives us the ability ( Grace ) to do so Our son was taken in a vehicle accident when he should have been at school in 1986 and it still hurts but 1 day at a time we get through it. God Bless those who hurt. Pain grows us.I


2018-11-28 16:40:51 | Profile
My sister was a bag of leaves one year

Kritsada Tipparat

2018-11-18 23:37:20 | Profile
Beautiful Martina , you are amazing and I wanna tell you. God bless you and your family