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Terry Gleason

2019-06-08 23:48:19 | Profile
everything getting talk out so you know its me I am here and there. three brothers is that story

trice chileshe

2019-01-18 17:11:41 | Profile
Here in 2019 January 8th

Vinicius Zanetti

2019-01-10 13:43:42 | Profile
thank you, I always get my way

Joy Bach

2019-01-10 10:33:28 | Profile
Such a beautiful song and so real you can feel it coming from his heart, real. Just started listening to this artist, love is real.

Eddie Jaz

2019-01-09 01:41:20 | Profile
First time I heard this song I was dating this guy, and he played kem never heard his music, love to listen to kem but I have to listen to his music along because kem reminds me of my ex boyfriend.....

Dustin Finlaw

2019-01-08 17:44:04 | Profile
1/5/2019 I Love to listen to Kem.. He make me feel like Im the only person listen to him. He is singing to my Soul. Someone come share my life.. Real Love

TJ Cuse

2019-01-07 20:32:24 | Profile
I saw kem sing this song man he got down singing this song at the sonyhall i N.Y.C man i love this song i could sing word for word

Enmanuel Zamora

2019-01-07 02:54:26 | Profile
This was the song i walked to meet my husband at the altar

Derek Brown

2019-01-06 12:59:40 | Profile
I listen to this song everyday


2019-01-05 10:57:31 | Profile
If he only understood