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2019-07-20 03:06:43 | Profile
This is how music should sound

Estela Simas

2019-05-27 02:55:32 | Profile
This song reminds me the father of my child. He loved this song to death....

David George

2019-04-21 06:32:01 | Profile
Your my best Friend of DomWilliam, so much I inspired to hear the lyricc,ilove thee ilove my best friend

Iris Rogers

2019-01-03 19:41:24 | Profile
No longer with the father of my child. Dedication on this song. He loves it so much. This song reminds me and him and my child whilst together.....Anyway in Europe thats part and parcel of life Alwas play this touches my soul

Sandwich Pops

2018-12-19 17:55:48 | Profile
American country music is one of the best brand of music, and Don Williams is a major reason why that is the case

Ebenezer Marley

2018-12-17 03:59:28 | Profile
Seen Don in concert a few times thanks for coming to Wales UK will never be forgotten singing along to this song

Matthew Minard

2018-11-26 08:41:44 | Profile
I can see so much kindness and love in his eyes;beautiful soul,William!


2018-11-23 04:21:33 | Profile
I Will need This song on my funeral