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1 Against Me! - Ache With Me 256 03:41


Fernanda Vergara

2019-02-04 06:23:07 | Profile
haha tom gable, dude grats on making it... miss the mohawk from when we were in high school :)


2018-12-25 11:36:13 | Profile
Laura can rock hard as hell, but the lyrics never get their due credit. Hell of a lyricist.


2018-12-24 16:18:31 | Profile
my crush posted a drawing saying the lyrics to their sound black me out, and it said at the end "BLACK ME OUT!" so i thought itd be called that and i looked it up, and i instantly knew id like them cause i know i like the same music as him, we both are kinda punk haha, anyways, i found this one after word and instantly, i thought OML I HEARD THIS BEFORE. idk where, but ive heard this song before...probs on isntagram

xazik awawwa

2018-12-19 06:14:45 | Profile
I know this is late.... but this song and video are amazing.!!


2018-12-18 10:02:30 | Profile
this band seems genuinely happy playing this song

Luisa Milella

2018-12-04 19:26:41 | Profile
Arguably a perfect song. But, this video reminds me of the scene in the Truman Show when Jim Carrey gets rained on, on the beach.

Crystal Hassenger

2018-11-19 12:56:41 | Profile
They were cool before he went and turned into a tranny

Scode 14

2018-11-12 15:25:26 | Profile
Pre New Wave Against Me! is much better. Reinventing Axel Rose is one of my favorite albums of all time.